Adapting, achieving: showing courage, honesty and strength…That’s what I feel it means to be a Lorettonian.

Loretto's distinctive ethos and atmosphere are moulded by its unusual history and willingness to stick to its convictions.

Founded in 1827 (Scotland's oldest boarding school), Loretto became known throughout Britain during the formative and brilliant headmastership of Dr Hely Hutchinson Almond (1862-1903). His strong belief in the development of the individual in the round - in mind, body and spirit - and in the value of "a community living according to the dictates of reason" can still be seen today. Although Loretto has grown substantially from the 136 pupils under his care a hundred years ago, the same desire for the headmaster to know each individual pupil remains. The value placed on communal activities, such as the daily school gathering (the Headmaster's 'Double') and on communal singing, remains high. Today's Lorettonians benefit from Dr Almond's dislike of constrictive dress (through the absence of a tie for daily dress) and from his enjoyment of the red jacket.

In 1981 girls joined the Sixth Form and in 1995 the Third Form, so making the school fully co-educational in 1997.

The Loretto Junior School, founded by Dr Almond in his house at North Esk Lodge in 1891, extended the Loretto family to younger pupils (affectionately known as Nippers). These range from the age of 3-12.We believe that young people's desire and responsibility for others develops best when they are engaged within a busy community. Loretto is very much a seven-day-a-week community, expecting the fullest involvement from pupils and staff. Day pupils are fully included in all of this.

The intellectual life of the School has been considerably sharpened by the present headmaster but in addition to this and as well as gaining innumerable skills and experience of a wide variety of activity, Lorettonians do experience and develop that element of care which is aptly described by Iris Murdoch: "Love is the proper recognition that other people actually exist."

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Loretto Easter Cricket Camps Details are:- Easter Cricket Camp 2015 Dates – Tuesday 6th April – Friday 10th April
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09:15 - Fri 17 Apr 2015 INSET: All Senior School Teaching Staff – Pinkie: Ronald Graham Suite (ending ca 17:00)
14:00 - Fri 17 Apr 2015 Duke of Edinburgh, Silver Practice Expedition – Pentland Hills, leave 14:00, return Sunday 19 April 16:00
17:00 - Fri 17 Apr 2015 Common Room Meeting
16:00 - Sun 19 Apr 2015 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Practice Expedition return
17:00 - Sun 19 Apr 2015 Dr and Mrs Hawley’s start of term welcome – Pinkie: Ronald Graham Suite (ending 20:30) rsvp
20:30 - Sun 19 Apr 2015 All Boarding Pupils return
08:15 - Mon 20 Apr 2015 All Day Pupils return
08:20 - Mon 20 Apr 2015 Sixth Form: Registration with Tutors
08:20 - Mon 20 Apr 2015 F2-F5: House Doubles
08:35 - Mon 20 Apr 2015 F2-F5: Registration with Tutors